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 First Last City State / Province Country Tennessee County Honor Semester
Teague A.AarantKnoxvilleTNKnoxSumma Cum LaudeSpring 2016
Teague A.AarantKnoxvilleTNKnoxMagna Cum LaudeFall 2015
Teague A.AarantKnoxvilleTNKnox Summa Cum LaudeSpring 2018
Teague A.AarantKnoxvilleTNKnox Summa Cum LaudeSpring 2019
Teague A.AarantKnoxvilleTNKnox Summa Cum LaudeFall 2018
Teague A.AarantKnoxvilleTNKnoxMagna Cum LaudeFall 2016
TeagueAarantKnoxvilleTNKnoxSumma Cum LaudeFall 2017
TeagueAarantKnoxvilleTNKnoxSumma Cum LaudeSpring 2017
Kayla N.AaronRichmondVASumma Cum LaudeFall 2015
NatalieAaronBrentwoodTNWilliamsonMagna Cum LaudeSpring 2015
Douglas M.AaserKnoxvilleTNKnoxMagna Cum LaudeSpring 2016
Douglas M.AaserKnoxvilleTNKnox Summa Cum LaudeSpring 2018
BethAaserKnoxvilleTNKnoxSumma Cum LaudeFall 2014
DouglasAaserKnoxvilleTNKnoxCum LaudeFall 2014
DouglasAaserKnoxvilleTNKnoxSumma Cum LaudeSpring 2017
DouglasAaserKnoxvilleTNKnoxMagna Cum LaudeSpring 2015
Samuel B.AbaKnoxvilleTNKnox Magna Cum LaudeSpring 2019
Samuel B.AbaKnoxvilleTNKnox Cum LaudeFall 2018
Madelyn M.AbateSpring GroveILSumma Cum LaudeFall 2019
Hanna W.Abba-OliAntiochTNDavidson Cum LaudeFall 2018
Ghaeath S.AbbasSmyrnaTNRutherford Summa Cum LaudeFall 2019
SheharyarAbbasiKnoxvilleTNKnoxCum LaudeFall 2014
SheharyarAbbasiKnoxvilleTNKnoxMagna Cum LaudeSpring 2015
GabrielaAbbatemarcoKnoxvilleTNKnoxMagna Cum LaudeSpring 2017
Gabriela K.AbbatemarcoKnoxvilleTNKnox Summa Cum LaudeFall 2019
Preston J.AbbottKnoxvilleTNKnoxCum LaudeFall 2015
JadeAbbottMurfreesboroTNRutherford Cum LaudeSummer 2017
Jade M.AbbottMurfreesboroTNRutherford Magna Cum LaudeSpring 2018
Nathaniel B.AbbottChattanoogaTNHamilton Magna Cum LaudeSpring 2018
NathanielAbbottChattanoogaTNHamiltonSumma Cum LaudeSpring 2017
Kelsey A.AbbottKnoxvilleTNKnox Cum LaudeSpring 2019
Nathaniel B.AbbottChattanoogaTNHamilton Summa Cum LaudeSpring 2019
AlaxAbbottWinfieldTNScottCum LaudeFall 2014
Jade M.AbbottMurfreesboroTNRutherford Summa Cum LaudeFall 2018
Kelsey A.AbbottKnoxvilleTNKnoxMagna Cum LaudeFall 2016
Nathaniel B.AbbottChattanoogaTNHamiltonSumma Cum LaudeFall 2016
Preston J.AbbottKnoxvilleTNKnoxMagna Cum LaudeFall 2016
NathanielAbbottChattanoogaTNHamiltonSumma Cum LaudeFall 2017
Austin P.AbbottMemphisTNShelby Summa Cum LaudeFall 2019
Nathaniel B.AbbottChattanoogaTNHamilton Summa Cum LaudeFall 2019
Reagan E.AbbottClarksvilleTNMontgomery Magna Cum LaudeFall 2019
GabrielAbbuBrentwoodTNDavidsonMagna Cum LaudeSpring 2017
Sarah F.Abdel-KhalekKnoxvilleTNKnoxSumma Cum LaudeFall 2016
SherinAbdelnabiKnoxvilleTNKnoxSumma Cum LaudeSpring 2016
SherinAbdelnabiKnoxvilleTNKnoxMagna Cum LaudeFall 2015
Nesma N.AbdelnabiKnoxvilleTNKnox Summa Cum LaudeFall 2018
Nesma N.AbdelnabiKnoxvilleTNKnox Summa Cum LaudeFall 2019
Marina R.AbdelnourAntiochTNDavidson Magna Cum LaudeSpring 2019
Marina R.AbdelnourAntiochTNDavidson Cum LaudeFall 2018
Marina R.AbdelnourAntiochTNDavidsonCum LaudeFall 2016
MarinaAbdelnourAntiochTNDavidsonCum LaudeFall 2017
Marina R.AbdelnourAntiochTNDavidsonMagna Cum LaudeFall 2015
Ammar S.AbdelwahedFranklinTNWilliamsonSumma Cum LaudeFall 2015
Ammar S.AbdelwahedFranklinTNWilliamsonMagna Cum LaudeFall 2016
Nancy A.AbdoAntiochTNDavidsonMagna Cum LaudeSpring 2016
Hany A.AbdoMount JulietTNWilson Summa Cum LaudeSpring 2019
Nancy A.AbdoMount JulietTNWilson Cum LaudeSpring 2019
Hany A.AbdoMount JulietTNWilson Summa Cum LaudeFall 2018
Nancy A.AbdoMount JulietTNWilson Summa Cum LaudeFall 2018
Nancy A.AbdoAntiochTNDavidsonCum LaudeFall 2016
HanyAbdoMount JulietTNWilsonSumma Cum LaudeSpring 2017
NancyAbdoMount JulietTNWilsonSumma Cum LaudeSpring 2017
HanyAbdoMount JulietTNWilsonSumma Cum LaudeFall 2017
NancyAbdoMount JulietTNWilsonSumma Cum LaudeFall 2017
Hany A.AbdoMount JulietTNWilson Summa Cum LaudeFall 2019
Layan A.AbdoLibertyvilleILMagna Cum LaudeFall 2019
Nancy A.AbdoMount JulietTNWilson Magna Cum LaudeFall 2019
Remoun A.AbdoKnoxvilleTNKnox Summa Cum LaudeFall 2019
Jacob H.AbduLenoir CityTNLoudon Cum LaudeFall 2018
KhasiaAbduLakelandTNShelby Summa Cum LaudeFall 2018
Jacob H.AbduLenoir CityTNLoudon Magna Cum LaudeFall 2019
RazakAbdulKnoxvilleTNKnoxCum LaudeFall 2017
NadiaAbdul RazakKnoxvilleTNKnoxSumma Cum LaudeFall 2015
Nur ElisaAbdul RazakKnoxvilleTNKnoxSumma Cum LaudeSpring 2016
Nur ElisaAbdul RazakKnoxvilleTNKnox Summa Cum LaudeSpring 2019
Nur ElisaAbdul RazakKnoxvilleTNKnoxSumma Cum LaudeFall 2016
NurAbdul RazakKnoxvilleTNKnoxCum LaudeSpring 2017
ShaibuAbdulaiClarksvilleTNMontgomeryMagna Cum LaudeSpring 2017
ShaibuAbdulaiClarksvilleTNMontgomeryMagna Cum LaudeFall 2017
Reem H.AbdulhusseinSeviervilleTNSevier Summa Cum LaudeFall 2019
Mira W.AbdulqaderOoltewahTNHamilton Summa Cum LaudeSpring 2018
MiraAbdulqaderOoltewahTNHamiltonSumma Cum LaudeSpring 2017
MiraAbdulqaderOoltewahTNHamiltonSumma Cum LaudeFall 2017
Mira W.AbdulqaderOoltewahTNHamiltonSumma Cum LaudeFall 2016
Rena Z.AbdurehmanCordovaTNShelbyMagna Cum LaudeSpring 2016
RenaAbdurehmanCordovaTNShelbyMagna Cum LaudeFall 2017
RenaAbdurehmanCordovaTNShelbySumma Cum LaudeFall 2014
RenaAbdurehmanCordovaTNShelbySumma Cum LaudeSpring 2015
Layla W.AbeadKnoxvilleTNKnox Magna Cum LaudeSpring 2019
LaylaAbeadKnoxvilleTNKnoxMagna Cum LaudeFall 2017
Layla W.AbeadKnoxvilleTNKnox Summa Cum LaudeFall 2019
William A.AbeeMorristownTNHamblenMagna Cum LaudeFall 2016
Mollie J.AbellSpartaTNWhiteSumma Cum LaudeSpring 2016
MollieAbellSpartaTNWhiteMagna Cum LaudeSummer 2015
WilliamAbellNashvilleTNDavidsonSumma Cum LaudeFall 2017
MollieAbellSpartaTNWhiteSumma Cum LaudeSpring 2015
Karen W.AbercrombieClintonTNAnderson Summa Cum LaudeSpring 2018
KarenAbercrombieClintonTNAndersonSumma Cum LaudeFall 2017
Karen W.AbercrombieClintonTNAnderson Summa Cum LaudeSpring 2019
Karen W.AbercrombieClintonTNAnderson Summa Cum LaudeFall 2018
Karen W.AbercrombieClintonTNAnderson Summa Cum LaudeFall 2019
Gustav C.Aberg LejdstromHelsingborgSwedenSumma Cum LaudeFall 2015
Gustav C.Aberg LejdstromHelsingborgSwedenCum LaudeSpring 2016
ElsieAberleMemphisTNShelbyMagna Cum LaudeFall 2017
AlexanderAbernathyMurfreesboroTNRutherfordSumma Cum LaudeFall 2017
AlexanderAbernathyMurfreesboroTNRutherfordMagna Cum LaudeSpring 2017
John T.AbernathyMount JulietTNWilsonSumma Cum LaudeSpring 2016
Alexander F.AbernathyMurfreesboroTNRutherford Summa Cum LaudeSpring 2018
Alexander F.AbernathyMurfreesboroTNRutherford Summa Cum LaudeSpring 2019
ReaganAbernathyFranklinTNWilliamsonSumma Cum LaudeFall 2017
John T.AbernathyMount JulietTNWilsonSumma Cum LaudeFall 2015
JohnAbernathyMount JulietTNWilsonCum LaudeFall 2014
Alexander F.AbernathyMurfreesboroTNRutherford Summa Cum LaudeFall 2018
Lera R.AbernathyKnoxvilleTNKnox Cum LaudeFall 2018
Patricia R.AbernathyAtokaTNTipton Cum LaudeFall 2018
Alexander F.AbernathyMurfreesboroTNRutherfordCum LaudeFall 2016
John T.AbernathyMount JulietTNWilsonSumma Cum LaudeFall 2016
Alexander F.AbernathyMurfreesboroTNRutherfordSumma Cum LaudeSummer 2019
JohnAbernathyMount JulietTNWilsonSumma Cum LaudeSpring 2017
JohnAbernathyMount JulietTNWilsonCum LaudeSpring 2015
Alexander F.AbernathyMurfreesboroTNRutherford Magna Cum LaudeFall 2019
Nahom Y.AberraAntiochTNDavidson Magna Cum LaudeFall 2018
Ramil H.AbidiNashvilleTNDavidson Magna Cum LaudeSpring 2018
MinhalAbidiNashvilleTNDavidsonMagna Cum LaudeSpring 2015
Brooke F.AbingtonGermantownTNShelby Summa Cum LaudeSpring 2018
Brooke F.AbingtonGermantownTNShelby Summa Cum LaudeSpring 2019
Wesley E.AbingtonGermantownTNShelby Cum LaudeSpring 2019
BrookeAbingtonGermantownTNShelbySumma Cum LaudeFall 2017
Brooke F.AbingtonGermantownTNShelby Summa Cum LaudeFall 2018
Brooke F.AbingtonGermantownTNShelbySumma Cum LaudeFall 2016
BrookeAbingtonGermantownTNShelbyMagna Cum LaudeSpring 2017
Wesley E.AbingtonGermantownTNShelby Magna Cum LaudeFall 2019
GinaAbitanteGreen BrookNJMagna Cum LaudeFall 2019
Zachary T.AblesFranklinTNWilliamson Summa Cum LaudeSpring 2019
SaraAboeleneenWashingtonDCSumma Cum LaudeSpring 2017
Sara B.AboeleneenWashingtonDCCum LaudeFall 2018
Sara B.AboeleneenWashingtonDCSumma Cum LaudeFall 2019
SaraAboeleneenWashingtonDCSumma Cum LaudeFall 2017
Sara B.AboeleneenWashingtonDCSumma Cum LaudeFall 2016
Sara B.AboeleneenWashingtonDCSumma Cum LaudeSpring 2019
Sara B.AboeleneenWashingtonDCMagna Cum LaudeSpring 2018
Sara B.AboeleneenWashingtonDCSumma Cum LaudeSummer 2018
Joseph B.AboudLos GatosCAMagna Cum LaudeFall 2018
Sophia B.AbouelataKnoxvilleTNKnox Magna Cum LaudeSpring 2018
SophiaAbouelataKnoxvilleTNKnoxCum LaudeFall 2017
Sophia B.AbouelataKnoxvilleTNKnox Cum LaudeFall 2019
Lina H.AbounassifCookevilleTNPutnamMagna Cum LaudeSpring 2016
LinaAbounassifCookevilleTNPutnamCum LaudeFall 2017
Michael M.AbrahamAntiochTNDavidson Summa Cum LaudeSpring 2018
Michael M.AbrahamAntiochTNDavidson Summa Cum LaudeSpring 2019
Michael M.AbrahamAntiochTNDavidson Summa Cum LaudeFall 2018
MichaelAbrahamAntiochTNDavidsonSumma Cum LaudeFall 2017
Michael M.AbrahamGallatinTNSumner Summa Cum LaudeFall 2019
Samuel A.AbrahamAntiochTNDavidson Summa Cum LaudeFall 2019
Tevin A.AbrahamClarksvilleTNMontgomery Magna Cum LaudeFall 2019
Jared S.AbramsKennerLAMagna Cum LaudeSpring 2018
Jared S.AbramsKennerLASumma Cum LaudeSpring 2016
JaredAbramsKennerLASumma Cum LaudeSpring 2017
Jared S.AbramsKennerLAMagna Cum LaudeFall 2016
MichaelAbramsKingston SpringsTNCheathamCum LaudeFall 2014
Jared S.AbramsKennerLASumma Cum LaudeFall 2018
Jared S.AbramsKennerLAMagna Cum LaudeSpring 2019
Jared S.AbramsKennerLASumma Cum LaudeFall 2015
JaredAbramsKennerLASumma Cum LaudeFall 2017
MichaelAbramsKingston SpringsTNCheathamSumma Cum LaudeSpring 2015
ZackeryAbriolaPegramTNCheathamCum LaudeSpring 2017
Tony D.AbstonGreenbackTNLoudonSumma Cum LaudeSpring 2016
TonyAbstonGreenbackTNLoudonSumma Cum LaudeSpring 2017
Tony D.AbstonGreenbackTNLoudonSumma Cum LaudeFall 2016
Tony D.AbstonGreenbackTNLoudonSumma Cum LaudeFall 2015
TonyAbstonGreenbackTNLoudonSumma Cum LaudeSpring 2015
HatabAbuKnoxvilleTNKnoxCum LaudeFall 2017
Ahmad M.Abu-HatabKnoxvilleTNKnoxSumma Cum LaudeFall 2015
AhmadAbu-HatabKnoxvilleTNKnoxSumma Cum LaudeFall 2014
RamiAbu-ShehadehKnoxvilleTNKnox Magna Cum LaudeFall 2019
Yousef W.AbuatiaAmmanJordanSumma Cum LaudeSpring 2019
Yousef W.AbuatiaAmmanJOSumma Cum LaudeFall 2018
YousefAbuatiaAmmanJordanSumma Cum LaudeFall 2017
Yousef W.AbuatiaAmmanJOSumma Cum LaudeFall 2019
Yousef W.AbuatiaAmmanJordanSumma Cum LaudeSpring 2018
Nahan F.AbubuckerAdamsTNMontgomery Magna Cum LaudeFall 2019
Luis D.Abud-CarrenoNolensvilleTNWilliamson Summa Cum LaudeFall 2019
Mohammad M.AbuhmudColliervilleTNShelbyMagna Cum LaudeSpring 2016
Mohammad M.AbuhmudColliervilleTNShelby Summa Cum LaudeSpring 2018
Mohammad M.AbuhmudColliervilleTNShelbySumma Cum LaudeFall 2015
MohammadAbuhmudColliervilleTNShelbySumma Cum LaudeSpring 2017
Mohammad M.AbuhmudColliervilleTNShelbyMagna Cum LaudeFall 2016
MohammadAbuhmudColliervilleTNShelbySumma Cum LaudeFall 2017
MohammadAbuhmudColliervilleTNShelbyMagna Cum LaudeSpring 2015
Yasmin K.AbumayalehKnoxvilleTNKnoxMagna Cum LaudeFall 2015
Yasmin K.AbumayalehKnoxvilleTNKnoxSumma Cum LaudeSpring 2016
Yasmin K.AbumayalehKnoxvilleTNKnoxMagna Cum LaudeFall 2016
YasminAbumayalehKnoxvilleTNKnoxCum LaudeFall 2017
YasminAbumayalehKnoxvilleTNKnoxSumma Cum LaudeSpring 2017
OmarAbushehadehKnoxvilleTNKnoxCum LaudeFall 2015
OmarAbushehadehKnoxvilleTNKnoxMagna Cum LaudeSpring 2016
OmarAbushehadehKnoxvilleTNKnox Summa Cum LaudeSpring 2018
OmarAbushehadehKnoxvilleTNKnoxSumma Cum LaudeFall 2016
OmarAbushehadehKnoxvilleTNKnoxSumma Cum LaudeFall 2017
OmarAbushehadehKnoxvilleTNKnoxMagna Cum LaudeSpring 2017
 First Last City State / Province Country Tennessee County Honor Semester

To be eligible for the dean’s list, students must complete at least twelve credit hours, not counting work taken on a satisfactory/no-credit basis.

To qualify for the dean’s list, an undergraduate student must earn a term grade point average of 3.80 to 4.00 (summa cum laude), 3.65 to 3.79 (magna cum laude), or 3.50 to 3.64 (cum laude).