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 First Last City State / Province Country Tennessee County Honor Semester
NicoleZongorFranklinTNWilliamsonCum LaudeSpring 2017
Nicole A.ZongorFranklinTNWilliamsonCum LaudeFall 2016
Eric L.ZookGreenevilleTNGreeneSumma Cum LaudeFall 2020
Eric L.ZookGreenevilleTNGreeneCum LaudeFall 2021
Ethan L.ZookGreenevilleTNGreeneCum LaudeFall 2021
Ethan L.ZookGreenevilleTNUnited StatesGreeneSumma Cum LaudeSpring 2022
Ethan L.ZookGreenevilleTNGreene Magna Cum LaudeFall 2018
Ethan L.ZookGreenevilleTNGreeneSumma Cum LaudeSpring 2020
Eric L.ZookGreenevilleTNGreeneMagna Cum LaudeSpring 2021
EmilyZottiFranklinTNWilliamsonCum LaudeFall 2014
EmilyZottiFranklinTNWilliamsonMagna Cum LaudeSummer 2015
EmilyZottiFranklinTNWilliamsonSumma Cum LaudeSpring 2015
Emily A.ZottiFranklinTNWilliamsonSumma Cum LaudeFall 2015
AizhouZouChongqingChinaCum LaudeSpring 2017
ZhiZouKnoxvilleTNKnoxMagna Cum LaudeSpring 2015
Zhi YingZouKnoxvilleTNKnoxMagna Cum LaudeFall 2015
AizhouZouChongqingChinaMagna Cum LaudeFall 2016
YihongZouSuzhouChinaMagna Cum LaudeSpring 2016
YihongZouSuzhouChinaMagna Cum LaudeFall 2014
DiegoZuazuaNolensvilleTNWilliamsonMagna Cum LaudeFall 2020
DiegoZuazuaNolensvilleTNWilliamsonMagna Cum LaudeFall 2021
AlejandroZuazuaNolensvilleTNUnited StatesWilliamsonMagna Cum LaudeSpring 2022
DiegoZuazuaNolensvilleTNWilliamsonCum LaudeSpring 2020
DiegoZuazuaNolensvilleTNWilliamsonMagna Cum LaudeSpring 2021
DiegoZuazua HerreraNolensvilleTNWilliamson Magna Cum LaudeFall 2019
AgnieszkaZubaChmielowPolandMagna Cum LaudeSpring 2022
Madelyn C.ZubackAdamsTNMontgomeryMagna Cum LaudeFall 2021
KristenZuberColumbusGASumma Cum LaudeFall 2014
Jaidyn E.ZuccaLakewoodCOSumma Cum LaudeFall 2021
Jaidyn E.ZuccaLakewoodCOUnited StatesSumma Cum LaudeSpring 2022
RebeccaZuchowskiMaryvilleTNBlountCum LaudeSpring 2016
RebeccaZuchowskiMaryvilleTNBlountMagna Cum LaudeFall 2016
Samuel A.ZuckermanGermantownTNShelbySumma Cum LaudeFall 2020
Owen J.ZuckermanGermantownTNShelbyCum LaudeFall 2021
Owen J.ZuckermanGermantownTNUnited StatesShelbyCum LaudeSpring 2022
Alexander L.ZuehlkeCharlotteNCCum LaudeFall 2021
Logan J.ZukasCollege GroveTNUnited StatesWilliamsonMagna Cum LaudeSpring 2022
William E.ZukowskiSignal MtnTNHamiltonSumma Cum LaudeFall 2021
William E.ZukowskiSignal MtnTNUnited StatesHamiltonCum LaudeSpring 2022
Taylor A.ZukowskiSignal MountainTNHamilton Summa Cum LaudeFall 2019
Paige E.ZumbrunChattanoogaTNHamilton Summa Cum LaudeSpring 2018
PaigeZumbrunChattanoogaTNHamiltonSumma Cum LaudeFall 2017
PaigeZumbrunChattanoogaTNHamiltonSumma Cum LaudeSpring 2015
Paige E.ZumbrunChattanoogaTNHamiltonSumma Cum LaudeSpring 2016
PaigeZumbrunChattanoogaTNHamiltonCum LaudeFall 2014
Paige E.ZumbrunChattanoogaTNHamiltonMagna Cum LaudeFall 2015
PaigeZumbrunChattanoogaTNHamiltonSumma Cum LaudeSpring 2017
Paige E.ZumbrunChattanoogaTNHamiltonSumma Cum LaudeFall 2016
ElizabethZumwaltJohnson CityTNWashingtonCum LaudeFall 2014
KevinZunigaMurfreesboroTNRutherfordSumma Cum LaudeFall 2021
EliasarZunigaNashvilleTNDavidsonMagna Cum LaudeFall 2017
ShuaiZuoXuanchengCHSumma Cum LaudeSpring 2020
ShuaiZuoXuanchengChinaMagna Cum LaudeSpring 2019
StaceyZupkaSeviervilleTNSevierCum LaudeSpring 2015
Jacqueline M.ZurafKnoxvilleTNKnoxSumma Cum LaudeFall 2020
Jacqueline M.ZurafKnoxvilleTNKnoxSumma Cum LaudeFall 2021
Jacqueline M.ZurafKnoxvilleTNKnox Summa Cum LaudeSpring 2019
Jacqueline M.ZurafKnoxvilleTNUnited StatesKnoxSumma Cum LaudeSpring 2022
Jacqueline M.ZurafKnoxvilleTNKnox Summa Cum LaudeFall 2018
Jacqueline M.ZurafKnoxvilleTNKnox Magna Cum LaudeFall 2019
Jacqueline M.ZurafKnoxvilleTNKnoxSumma Cum LaudeSpring 2020
Jacqueline M.ZurafKnoxvilleTNKnoxSumma Cum LaudeSpring 2021
Ryan M.ZurcherGlastonburyCTCum LaudeSpring 2020
Sydney A.ZurcherKnoxvilleTNKnoxSumma Cum LaudeFall 2021
Sydney A.ZurcherKnoxvilleTNUnited StatesKnoxSumma Cum LaudeSpring 2022
Zoey V.ZureichCypressTXUnited StatesSumma Cum LaudeSpring 2022
Sydney M.ZuritaDaculaGAGwinnett, GACum LaudeFall 2020
Sydney M.ZuritaDaculaGASumma Cum LaudeFall 2021
Sydney M.ZuritaDaculaGAMagna Cum LaudeSpring 2021
Kayla M.ZuroskyKnoxvilleTNKnoxSumma Cum LaudeFall 2016
KaylaZuroskyKnoxvilleTNKnoxSumma Cum LaudeSpring 2017
Collette A.ZwinkelTen MileTNMeigs Cum LaudeSpring 2019
Collette A.ZwinkelTen MileTNMeigs Summa Cum LaudeFall 2018
Peyton L.ZwolinskiThompsons StationTNWilliamsonMagna Cum LaudeFall 2020
Austin L.ZwolinskiSeymourTNSevier Cum LaudeSpring 2019
Austin L.ZwolinskiSeymourTNSevier Magna Cum LaudeFall 2018
Peyton L.ZwolinskiThompsons StationTNUnited StatesWilliamsonCum LaudeSpring 2022
Peyton L.ZwolinskiThompsons StationTNWilliamsonSumma Cum LaudeSpring 2021
NicholasZwycewiczFranklinTNWilliamsonSumma Cum LaudeFall 2014
NicholasZwycewiczFranklinTNWilliamsonMagna Cum LaudeSpring 2015
Brock W.ZychLenexaKSMagna Cum LaudeSpring 2018
Lindsey A.ZychWheatonILCum LaudeFall 2021
Lindsey A.ZychWheatonILUnited StatesSumma Cum LaudeSpring 2022
BrockZychKingsportTNSullivanCum LaudeSpring 2017
Anna A.ZydzikStrzyzowPolandCum LaudeSpring 2016
Thomas B.ZyerRiver ForestILMagna Cum LaudeSpring 2016
 First Last City State / Province Country Tennessee County Honor Semester

To be eligible for the dean’s list, students must complete at least twelve credit hours, not counting work taken on a satisfactory/no-credit basis.

To qualify for the dean’s list, an undergraduate student must earn a term grade point average of 3.80 to 4.00 (summa cum laude), 3.65 to 3.79 (magna cum laude), or 3.50 to 3.64 (cum laude).