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To be eligible for the dean’s list, students must complete at least twelve credit hours, not counting work taken on a satisfactory/no-credit basis.

To qualify for the dean’s list, an undergraduate student must earn a term grade point average of 3.80 to 4.00 (summa cum laude), 3.65 to 3.79 (magna cum laude), or 3.50 to 3.64 (cum laude).

 Last First City State / Province Country Tennessee County Honor Semester
JohnsonBenjaminKingsportTNUnited StatesSullivanSumma Cum LaudeSpring 2022
KeoviengxaiJasmine H.KingsportTNUnited StatesSullivanMagna Cum LaudeSpring 2022
KuykendollKaylee G.NewbernTNUnited StatesDyerSumma Cum LaudeSpring 2022
LernerMakayla M.Rocky TopTNUnited StatesAndersonMagna Cum LaudeSpring 2022
LyerlaMargaret M.ClarksvilleTNUnited StatesMontgomerySumma Cum LaudeSpring 2022
MastersJohannah R.EaglevilleTNUnited StatesWilliamsonCum LaudeSpring 2022
McmahonKelsey S.CypressTXUnited StatesMagna Cum LaudeSpring 2022
MizellMorgan P.NavarreFLUnited StatesCum LaudeSpring 2022
NadeauJulia C.ColliervilleTNUnited StatesShelbySumma Cum LaudeSpring 2022
OgleTrista J.SeviervilleTNUnited StatesSevierSumma Cum LaudeSpring 2022
PatelShivam B.CrossvilleTNUnited StatesCumberlandCum LaudeSpring 2022
PoliskyMickayla L.FranklinTNUnited StatesWilliamsonCum LaudeSpring 2022
RectorJared A.HixsonTNUnited StatesHamiltonSumma Cum LaudeSpring 2022
RodgersOlivia K.LouisvilleTNUnited StatesBlountSumma Cum LaudeSpring 2022
ScheidtBrooklyn T.FranklinTNUnited StatesWilliamsonSumma Cum LaudeSpring 2022
ShraderJulia P.EdgewaterMDUnited StatesSumma Cum LaudeSpring 2022
SoissonAbigail G.PerryGAUnited StatesSumma Cum LaudeSpring 2022
StromChristen A.KnoxvilleTNUnited StatesKnoxSumma Cum LaudeSpring 2022
ThorntonMadeline H.MedfordNJUnited StatesSumma Cum LaudeSpring 2022
VarnerNathan S.EvensvilleTNUnited StatesRheaCum LaudeSpring 2022
WatsonCooper J.KnoxvilleTNUnited StatesKnoxMagna Cum LaudeSpring 2022
WilliamsBrooklynn R.La FolletteTNUnited StatesCampbellMagna Cum LaudeSpring 2022
YakovenkoIllya A.ClevelandTNUnited StatesBradleyCum LaudeSpring 2022
AllenDiego B.KnoxvilleTNUnited StatesKnoxSumma Cum LaudeSpring 2022
BaldwinAnnalee B.HendersonvlleTNUnited StatesSumnerCum LaudeSpring 2022
 Last First City State / Province Country Tennessee County Honor Semester