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To be eligible for the dean’s list, students must complete at least twelve credit hours, not counting work taken on a satisfactory/no-credit basis.

To qualify for the dean’s list, an undergraduate student must earn a term grade point average of 3.80 to 4.00 (summa cum laude), 3.65 to 3.79 (magna cum laude), or 3.50 to 3.64 (cum laude).

 Last First City State / Province Country Tennessee County Honor Semester
TroopLindsey J.KnoxvilleTNKnox Summa Cum LaudeSpring 2019
TrosperGarrett A.ColliervilleTNShelbyMagna Cum LaudeFall 2016
TrosperGarrettColliervilleTNShelbyCum LaudeFall 2014
TrosperGarrettColliervilleTNShelbyCum LaudeSpring 2015
TrostleMikayla N.KnoxvilleTNKnoxCum LaudeFall 2016
TrostleMikaylaKnoxvilleTNKnoxSumma Cum LaudeSpring 2017
TrotskyMitchell A.KnoxvilleTNKnox Summa Cum LaudeFall 2019
TrotskyMatthewKnoxvilleTNKnoxMagna Cum LaudeSpring 2017
TrotskyMitchell A.KnoxvilleTNKnox Summa Cum LaudeFall 2018
TrotskyMatthew A.KnoxvilleTNKnoxMagna Cum LaudeFall 2015
TrotskyMitchell A.KnoxvilleTNKnox Summa Cum LaudeSpring 2019
TrottChelsea E.RutledgeTNGraingerSumma Cum LaudeSpring 2016
TrottChelseaRutledgeTNGraingerSumma Cum LaudeFall 2017
TrottChelsea E.RutledgeTNGraingerMagna Cum LaudeFall 2016
TrottChelsea E.RutledgeTNGraingerCum LaudeFall 2015
TrottChelsea E.RutledgeTNGrainger Magna Cum LaudeFall 2018
TrotterHenryChattanoogaTNHamiltonMagna Cum LaudeFall 2017
TrotterHenry B.ChattanoogaTNHamiltonSumma Cum LaudeFall 2016
TrotterTruett J.WilmingtonDECum LaudeFall 2019
TroutMichaelPowellTNKnoxMagna Cum LaudeSpring 2015
TroutAnnaPowellTNKnoxMagna Cum LaudeSummer 2015
TroutWilliam E.KnoxvilleTNKnox Summa Cum LaudeFall 2019
TroutMichael G.PowellTNKnoxSumma Cum LaudeSpring 2016
TroutAnnaPowellTNKnoxSumma Cum LaudeFall 2014
TroutWilliam E.SeviervilleTNSevier Summa Cum LaudeFall 2018
 Last First City State / Province Country Tennessee County Honor Semester